Roboroster is Online Staff Rostering tool designed to minimise the time required for your business to schedule staff

Roboroster's rostering function is user friendly and designed to minimise the hours required to generate rosters.

The shifts can be inserted by simply clicking where the shift starts and dragging the mouse to the time the shift ends.

The roster can be set up to show only one department to allow a uncluttered view when rostering a department, this can then be changed to show all and the department legend can be hovered with a mouse to display the department colours.

The user is able to navigate through the roster weeks using the next and previous week buttons or by selecting a date on the drop down calendar.

The roster buttons allow for saving and loading templates, generating a PDF of the roster for printing, changing the roster's orientation, notifying all the rostered users of their shifts and finally an information hover.

Until a shift is viewed by the employee, their name will remain bolded on the shift in the roster and Not Yet Viewed will be displayed upon hovering over the shift with the mouse.

Roboroster has been configured to allow mobile access Roboroster allows users to log in from their mobile phones! Simply visit on your mobile and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site.
Roboroster can be configured to suit your business rostering needs

Roboroster can be configured to meet the needs of businesses all around the world, the day start and end, the day in which your business week starts, your company logo and your timezone from anywhere across the world can all be configured to suit.

Special notes can be added to a shift if any special requirements or notes are required.

Roboroster offers support services Roboroster allows users to lodge support requests for any issues, suggestions or compliments they may have.
Roboroster has information hovers throughout the application Throughout the application there are information hover buttons which will display task specific information to help guide the user.
Roboroster allows a very nice approach to adding shifts by simply dragging and dropping where the shift starts and ends and then selecting the employee, department, task and adding any special notes

After dragging the mouse across the desired times of the shift, the user is presented with the option to select the shift's specifics. After selecting the department, task, date and time, Roboroster will verify which users are available and department/task permitted, displaying a [X] next to any employees who may not be allowed to work due to availabilities or lack of permissions.

Special notes can be added to a shift if any special requirements or notes are required.

Roboroster allows administrators to edit shifts and view the shift's history

Upon clicking a shift, the user is given the option of editing any of the shift's details, delete the shift, activate an Emergency Fill on the shift, view available users' and their phone number and emails for quick contact or view the shift history.

Employees can swap shifts between one another Shift swaps can be configured to your company's needs, for example employees can be required to swap only to other employees permitted to work in the department or task and furthermore shift swaps can be configured to require approval by an administrator.
Roboroster allows for employees to send messages to other employees or groups of employees Users can send messages between company employees whilst administrators can send messages to all, department groups and task groups.
Roboroster incorporates a global news section for managers to write business news shown to all employees upon logging in. Administrators can post global news which is shown to all employees after logging in.
Roboroster allows employees to add non availabilities which influence the business rostering system Users can manage their availabilities setting either recurring non-availabilities, such as for school, or once off non-availabilities, for events like a holiday. These non-availabilities are displayed when rostering, guiding the rosterer to commit only available staff.
Roboroster allows employees to login using their email address and self chosen password.

Employees can log into the Roboroster application with any internet browser and an email address.

Employees can be added to the company's Roboroster system and will be notified via email of their account. If they already have an account, they will be granted access to multiple companies.

Users can be granted varying permissions to grant them access to administrative areas and functions, users granted these permissions are granted access to the respective administrative areas of Roboroster whilst the general user is able to perform basic functions such as viewing their shifts, messages, availabilities, managing their account, viewing news and requesting support.
Roboroster business roster employee report PDF PDF reports can be generated to provide an overview of employee's attendance, activities and company information
Emergency fill can be used if an employee calls in sick to quickly find someone to cover the shift Use the emergency shift fill feature to quickly fill a shift when an employee calls in sick.
Roboroster incorporates departments and tasks in the business rostering application Staff can be permitted them to to work in certain departments and tasks and also only swap with other permitted employees, for example a bar may have; sell alcohol (task) in the front bar (department).
The departments can be configured with a colour to distinguish between departments when viewing the roster.
Roboroster will notify the user of any business roster functions requiring attention Roboroster will alert the user of any items which need action or viewing.
Employees can be listed under multiple companies Employees can work for multiple companies and have their availability influenced by shifts at the other companies and also have varying levels of administrative privileges for each company.
Roboroster incorporates SMS notifications, allowing the business to contact the employee instantly Roboroster incorporates an SMS portal whereby staff can be contacted notifying them of their shifts or requesting an emergency fill shift.
Users can set up their account to receive notifications via SMS, Email or both and also modify other account settings.
* The SMS portal is not available during beta revisions