Roboroster, the online employee roster, goes mobile! Users can now log in from their mobile phone's web browser and check their shifts anywhere with reception!
Roboroster is an online, dynamic staff roster wtih the option to save templates and print rosters. Among other features, Roboroster allows departmental rostering and staff notifications for your business Roster.
Roboroster allows your staff to set their availabilities which will be shown when rostering your staff. Non-Availabilities can be set to require manager's approval.
Roboroster can generate dynamic PDF reports to give managers data regarding employee behaviour and shift attendance.
Roboroster allows staff to swap shifts between other tasks and department approved staff. Swaps can be set to require administrator approval.
Inter-company messages can be sent between staff - or to all, task or departmental staff if the user is an administrator
Roboroster has many settings which can be configured to suit your business needs. Company logos, day start and end times and many more features can be configured in the application.

Roboroster is an online staff roster which promotes fluid employee rostering, allowing employees to check their shifts online, manage availabilities, swap shifts and send inter-company messages whilst incorporating many additional features which will save time when rostering.

Roboroster can be fully customised to suit your employee rostering needs, timezones can be selected from anywhere across the world whilst company day starts, ends, company week starting day and how the employees are able to interact with the roster are all fully configurable.

Reports can be generated to provide an executive overview of employee attendance, activities, and company information among other rostering related tasks.

Use the emergency shift fill feature to quickly contact all available employees and fill a shift when an employee can't attend a rostered shift.

Login from your mobile phone to check your shifts and messages with ease. The mobile function ensures that your employees will always be aware of their shifts. Simply direct your mobile's browser to and you will be redirected to the mobile site.

Roboroster is available free of charge during beta revisions. Beta testers will be rewarded for their cooperation with three months free access after the online staff rostering tool proceeds to release versions.
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